I cannot thank enough every single person from Cave for the love, kindness, professionalism and thoughtfulness they have showed me and my rescue dogs over the years, it has made a crucial difference.

Debbie Lock

Case of the Month: Brooke - Stick injury

Brooke, the 1 year old Labrador was referred to Cave Veterinary Specialists for investigation of left-sided facial swelling near her left eye. She was on a walk a few days prior with her owners when Brooke cried out, a few days later they noticed swelling near her left eye. The swelling of her eye progressed and she became painful over the next 48-72 hours. Brooke was seen by our board-certified surgeon Heather Bancroft-Hunt. 

A CT Scan of her head was performed by our board-ceritfied Radiologist Phil Strom, the CT images revealed that Brooke had a retrobular abscess compressing the left eye with a suspected foreign body. 

Heather surgically explored the region and removed a 2cm stick from behind Brooke's left eye. It is thought that the stick penetrated the inner corner of her eye and became trapped causing an abscess. 

Fig 1: Stick Foreign Body - Red circle denotes position of stick

 Fig 2:  Abscess adjacent to the left eye



 The stick after it was removed