I cannot thank enough every single person from Cave for the love, kindness, professionalism and thoughtfulness they have showed me and my rescue dogs over the years, it has made a crucial difference.

Debbie Lock
Soft Tissue

Soft Tissue

Cave Veterinary Specialists is pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive internal medicine service, fully supported by a team of Veterinary Nurses and other soft tissue surgery teams.

Cave Veterinary Specialists provide a broad surgical service which has a focus on patient care and welfare.

There are numerous procedures which can be performed by our highly trained team. Many procedures we will perform require specialist equipment and facilities or staff trained in procedures not required in general primary care veterinary hospitals. The list is extensive but the following summary will provide an idea of what our team is capable of providing surgery and aftercare for:
• Ear nose and throat
Total ear canal ablation, vertical ear canal ablation and bulla osteotomy, aspergillosis (fungal infection), brachycephalic airway syndrome, laryngeal paralysis and tracheal collapse
• Urogenital
Congenital & acquired urinary incontinence and prostatic disease
• Oncological
Both hard and soft tissue tumours (cancers), due to our large oncology case load we perform many oncology surgeries.
• Gastrointestinal
Oesophageal foreign body removal, colorectal surgery and anal furunculosis
• Wound management and reconstruction
Local/distant skin flaps and free skin grafting, this can be particularly useful when removing large tumours.
• Vascular
Portosystemic shunts (bypassing the liver by an abnormal route)
• Cardiothoracic
Congenital cardiac defects, pericardiectomy, lung lobectomy, thymectomy, pyothorax and chylothorax
• Endocrine surgery
Thyroidectomy and adrenalectomy
• Hernia/rupture surgery
Perineal ruptures, diaphragmatic ruptures and pericardioperitoneal diaphragmatic herniation

Many soft tissue surgical patients require intensive nursing and input from internal medicine. At Cave Veterinary Specialists we are able to provide a well rounded level of care. The nursing team are highly dedicated and work closely with the surgeons and medics to optimise each patient's individual care and promote the expected recovery.

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